GARDP Donates to Theodora Foundation

15 Dec 2021

GARDP is pleased to announce its donation of CHF 1,000 to the Theodora Foundation, a Swiss foundation that has been bringing laughter and joy to children in Swiss hospitals since 1993. Given our focus on children and newborns, we are especially happy to be able to offer some support to hospitalized and disabled children, particularly during these challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation organizes and funds the weekly visits of 75 professional artists, known as the Giggle Doctors, in 34 hospitals and 27 specialist care centers for children with disabilities across Switzerland. Each year, these funny and intriguing characters spread smiles and moments of happiness during more than 100,000 visits to children. The Giggle Doctors are specially trained and work closely with care specialists.

The foundation offers five programmes: Giggle Doctors and a Pre and Post-Surgery Assistance Programme for young patients in hospital; Mr. and Mrs. Dream and Little Orchestra for the Senses for children with disabilities; and The Lil’ Champs for children in obesity therapy. The much-loved weekly Giggle Doctor visits depend entirely on donations from supporters and partners. GARDP’s donation will fund 50 Giggle Doctor visits to hospitalized and disabled children in Switzerland.