Dr. Marc Bonten is Professor of molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases at University Medical Centre Utrecht in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He obtained his PhD (“the role of colonization of the upper intestinal tract in the pathogenesis of ventilator-associated pneumonia, 1994) at the Maastricht University, the Netherlands.
He started his career as a registered internist in 2000, specialized in infectious disease since 2002 and became a clinical microbiologist in 2008 for the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands. From 2008 till 2021 he was head of the department Medical Microbiology and since 2003 he is leading the research group of infectious Disease Epidemiology at the Julius Center of Health Sciences and Primary Care, both at the UMC Utrecht, where he also is chairman for the Infection & Immunity Focus Program. In 2021 he was elected member of the Dutch National Academy of Sciences.

He received the VICI laureate in 2006 from the Dutch Science Association, was PI of the CAPiTA study (investigator-initiated study funded by Wyeth, later Pfizer), and coordinator of the IMI-funded consortiums COMBACTE-NET, COMBACTE-CARE, COMBACTE-MAGNET and COMBACTE-CDI. For his research efforts he was awarded with the Excellence Award of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in May 2015.