GARDP welcomes Germany’s commitment to tackling drug-resistant gonorrhoea

5 Dec 2019

BERLIN – The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) today welcomed the leadership of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health for its renewed commitment to tackling drug-resistant sexually-transmitted infections, with funding that will contribute to developing a new treatment for gonorrhoea.

Germany announced their funding of €1 million during the World Health Summit in Berlin, as part of an event on 30 October to launch the new GARDP strategy for 2020 to 2025. Germany’s investment to GARDP will support the development of zoliflodacin, a first-in-class treatment for gonorrhoea currently being evaluated through a global phase 3 trial. Gonorrhoea has progressively developed resistance to all recommended treatments. While untreatable cases are still rare, the occurrence of resistance in various strains is worrying and Neisseria gonorrhoea has been identified by the World Health Organization as a priority pathogen urgently requiring new antibiotics.

Germany’s commitment signals their leadership around addressing antibiotic resistance, including for sexually-transmitted infections. Globally the infection rate of gonorrhoea is increasing, with 87 million new cases estimated each year. Untreated gonorrhoea can have serious and permanent consequences, including infertility in men and women, pelvic inflammatory disease and life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. Gonorrhoea also increases the risk of HIV transmission.

“Urgent action must be taken to develop new treatments for drug-resistant sexually-transmitted infections, which are increasing globally,” said Jens Spahn, German Federal Minister for Health. “Germany is highly conscious of this responsibility, which is why we are supporting GARDP in their development of a new treatment for gonorrhoea.”

“By contributing €1 million, Germany, through the Federal Ministry of Health, is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to tackling drug-resistance and to accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Dr Manica Balasegaram, Executive Director of GARDP. “We thanks Jens Spahn for his steadfast leadership around addressing antibiotic resistance.”

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