Biofilms: What are they and why do we care?

21 Oct 2021


  • Mark Webber, Group Leader, Quadram Institute (UK)
  • Freya Harrison, Principal Investigator, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick (UK)

Presentation 1: Biofilm adaptation – the good the bad and the ugly (Mark Webber)

  • An introduction to biofilms and their importance in health and disease
  • Discussion of why biofilms are inherently antimicrobial-resistant
  • Explanation of how biofilms adapt to antimicrobial stress and the impacts of this on the bacterial cell

Presentation 2: Building & using models of lung and wound biofilms (Freya Harrison)

  • Why we need tailored models of cystic fibrosis lung and diabetic foot infection
  • Biofilm and antibiotic-tolerant phenotype of P. aeruginosa in CF lung model
  • The value of using a synthetic wound model for discovering natural products with antibiofilm potential