#ResistResistance: Flags on Mont Blanc bridge call attention to pandemic of drug resistance

1 Jun 2021

A new campaign by the Geneva-headquartered Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) is raising awareness of the growing threat of drug-resistant infections. The campaign #ResistResistance is calling for urgent attention, action and funding to accelerate the research and development of lifesaving antibiotics. To launch this campaign, flags highlighting the issue of drug resistance are being flown from Geneva’s iconic Mont Blanc bridge from 2 to 6 June.

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Drug-resistant ‘superbug’ infections kill an estimated 700,000 people each year, a number projected to increase exponentially as drug resistance grows. A worrying number of infections are becoming harder – and sometimes impossible − to treat due to drug resistance. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the impact of pandemics. The consequences of not addressing the silent pandemic of drug-resistant infections now could result in a future where we are unable to treat common infections. There is an opportunity to avert this potential catastrophe if we act with urgency.

Urgent need for investment in new antibiotics

Half of all antibiotics used today were discovered between the 1950s and 1970s. Since that time, discovery and development of antibiotics has become more complex, time consuming and expensive. New antibiotics that are approved for use typically have a short treatment duration and controls in place to slow the emergence and spread of resistance. This limits their profitability. As a result, most pharmaceutical companies are no longer developing new antibiotics.

Be part of the solution

GARPD is accelerating efforts to develop new and improved antibiotics for drug-resistant infections, for every person who needs them. This work can only be done together. Join a growing network of people, private sector, academic, civil society and government partners committed to developing treatments for drug-resistant infections.

Partners are needed at every step to #ResistResistance: research and development, manufacturing, market registration and supply chain design. We also need financial support to deliver this lifesaving work. Your support will allow us to discover antibacterial ingredients and perform clinical trials for new treatments. It will fund critical work to enable access to antibiotics and to ensure treatments remain effective for as long as possible.