Practices and challenges related to antibiotic use in paediatric treatment in hospitals and health centres in Niger and Uganda: a mixed methods study

Antibiotic resistance is a significant public health problem and is responsible for high mortality in children and new-borns. Strengthening the rational use of antibiotics and improving the quality and access to existing antibiotics are important factors in the fight against antibiotic resistance. This study aims to provide knowledge on the use of antibiotics in children in resource-limited countries in order to identify problems and possible avenues for improvement of antibiotics use.



Grace Mambula, Deborah Nanjebe, Aurelia Munene, Ousmane Guindo, Aichatou Salifou, Abdoul-Aziz Mamaty, Susan Rattigan, Sally Ellis, Nathalie Khavessian, Rob W van der Pluijm, Caroline Marquer, Irene Aicha Adehossi & Céline Langendorf


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