The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) strategy is a five-year road map for developing new and improved treatments for drug-resistant infections. The strategy sets out priorities for how our partnership can developing treatments for the infections posing the greatest threat to health and make those treatments sustainably and responsibly available to every person who needs them.

The GARDP Strategy 2020-2025

The GARDP Strategy: Uniting Against Antibiotic Resistance outlines our agenda for 2020-2025 based on an ambitious vision to make infections treatable for everyone, everywhere. To achieve this goal, GARDP is focused on three strategic pillars:

  1. Research and development
  2. Public health-oriented partnerships
  3. Sustainable access

These strategic pillars provide an outline of how GARDP is working with partners to ensure treatments are developed for the highest priority infections, and that they are made available to all people, including the most vulnerable and hardest to reach.

“Tackling the threat of drug-resistant infections requires an urgent and truly global response. Critical to achieving this is GARDP’s public-private partnership approach and commitment to ensuring new and improved antibiotics are available for every person who needs them, wherever they live.”
– Glenda Gray, President & CEO, South African Research Council


Download the full GARDP strategy for a detailed look at how we will develop five new treatments by 2025. The strategy explores where GARDP fits in the drug development and access landscape and our partnership approach to delivering urgently needed treatments for drug-resistant infections.

GARDP Strategy 2020-2025: Uniting Against Antibiotic Resistance
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