GARDP at the World Health Summit 2022


Partnerships and Antimicrobial Resistance

Identifying Challenges and Opportunities Across the Antibiotic Research & Development and Access Value Chain

Conference Room – North America & Online

Nearly 5 million deaths are associated with the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance. Very few innovative new antibiotics have come to the market in the past years and resistance against these new agents develops faster than ever. There are many bottlenecks and challenges to the development, stewardship, and access to new antibiotics to address the growing burden of drug resistant infections, and especially those priority pathogens identified by the World Health Organization.

This session identified several of the bottlenecks to development, access, and stewardship and examine how partnerships that bring together the resources, expertise, and cooperation of the public, private, and not-for-profit sector can best overcome these challenges and ensure the right antibiotic at the right time can reach patients in need.