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There is growing alarm over drug resistance, as well as concern over the slow rate in the discovery and development of new antibiotic treatments. Furthermore, the abandonment of antimicrobial (AMR) research and development by many companies and academic laboratories has led to the risk of losing valuable knowledge in the field. To address this risk, GARDP launched REVIVE in January 2018. REVIVE ensures that knowledge is retained and that the antimicrobial R&D community is supported to connect, share, and acquire information.

Programme goals

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis In Pakistan: Patient Testimonies
Goal 1

Facilitate learning and knowledge exchange

Goal 2
Goal 2

Connect the antimicrobial R&D and AMR communities

Tb Support In Swaziland
Goal 3

Share information and resources

“If we are to tackle the global pandemic of drug resistance, it is important that everyone who is working in this field be provided with freely available, up-to-date technical knowledge and information on AMR, and that experts share their wisdom as widely as possible.”


– Laura Piddock, Scientific Director, GARDP

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Current activities

Current activities


Educational webinars on topics related to antimicrobial drug discovery and development



Panel discussions about various topics related to antimicrobial resistance



Freely available recordings of the GARDP co-organized Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Conferences, plus recordings of co-organised bootcamps and symposia at leading international conferences on AMR


Experts in different areas of antimicrobial resistance share their knowledge and opinions about the status and future challenges of this field



Short definitions of relevant terms in the field of antimicrobial drug discovery, research & development, and AMR



Explore all the resources offered by REVIVE, as well as links to external resources relevant to antimicrobial R&D


  • 50+ webinars since REVIVE was created in 2018
  • 9500+ webinar participants
  • 8.8/10 average webinar rating
  • 45+ viewpoint articles
  • 200+ encyclopaedia entries
  • 75 partners
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