We work with all key stakeholders from the earliest stages of each project to coordinate efforts in the antibiotic pipeline of drug development and access. To each of these relationships, we bring a range of skills, knowledge and resources, including financial and scientific resources, as well as geographic reach. 

“Tackling the threat of drug-resistant infections requires an urgent and truly global response. Critical to achieving this is GARDP’s public-private partnership approach and commitment to ensuring new and improved antibiotics are available for every person who needs them, wherever they live.”


– Glenda Gray, President & CEO, South African Medical Research Council, incoming Vice Chair of the GARDP Board


GARDP in the world

A global response to a global crisis

Addressing the public health failure

Addressing the public health failure

With funders’ essential support, we can ensure that the right antibiotics are developed and made available to people who need them. Please join us in addressing the pubic health failure and securing a healthier future for us all.