GARDP is based in Switzerland and has close to 100 staff based in Geneva and around the world in its global network, including GARDP North America, representation in Australia, the DNDi GARDP Southern Africa joint office, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, and associated DNDi regional offices in Brazil, India, Japan, Kenya and Malaysia.

Group Photo 2023

Management team

Manica Balasegaram

Executive Director

Peter Beyer

Deputy Executive Director

Jennifer Cohn

Global Access Director

Vincent Constantin

General Counsel

Pierre-Yves Delhez

Internal Operations Director

Yann Ferrisse

Business Development & Partner Engagement Director

Seamus O’Brien

R&D Director

Laura Piddock

Scientific Director

Jeffrey Rowland

External Relations Director

Carol Ruffell

DNDi-GARDP Southern Africa Director

Subasree Srinivasan

Medical Director


Pierre Daram

R&D Drug/Treatment Project Leader

Angela Decool

Head of HR & Organization

Dominique De Santis

Head of Communications

Rahul Dwivedi

Serious Bacterial Infections Access Leader

Sally Ellis

Children’s Antibiotics Project Leader

Christophe Escot

Clinical Operations Leader

Paul Field

Australian Representative

François Franceschi

Head of Asset Evaluation and Development and Serious Bacterial Infections Project Leader

Duncan Graham-Rowe

Senior Communications Advisor

Alan Hennessy

Discovery & Exploratory Team Leader

Katia Kieffer

Legal Counsel, Lead

Gabrielle Kornmann

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Leader

Alison Luckey

Senior Medical Lead

Julie Miralves

Head of R&D Portfolio & Operations Strategy

Fernando Pascual Martinez

R&D Access Development Lead

Tammy Pillay

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Nicola Porteous

Head of Finance

Karan Prabhakar

Products Delivery & Management Head

Susana Ribeiro

Regional Head LATAM

Jun Sasaki

Partners Engagement Lead

Herbert Wetli

Head of Pharmaceutical Development


Jovana Albig

Clinical Scientist Senior Manager

Carmen Au

Associate Project Lead

Aleida Auld

Communications Manager

Cherine Bajjali

Associate Clinical Trial Manager

Lisa Baldwin

R&D Grants Senior Manager

Esther Bettiol

Clinical Scientist Senior Manager

Benjamin Blasco

Discovery Senior Project Manager

Maria Lourdes Cairus

Executive Office, Senior Manager

René Coppens

Senior External Relations Manager

Erika Correia

Clinical Trial Manager

Renata Maria Augusto da Costa

Scientific Manager

Zoé de Geofroy

HR & Admin Officer

Shirine Derakhshani

Scientific Affairs Senior Officer

Raji Devarajan

Clinical Research Senior Manager

Maëlle Duffey

Discovery & Exploratory Research Senior Officer

Sara Gargaté

HR Business Partner

Karin Hergarden

Clinical Research Senior Manager

Daniel Iniguez

Clinical Trial Manager

Ravindra P. Jumde

Scientific Senior Officer

Nathalie Khavessian

Clinical Trial Manager

Victor Kouassi

Scientific Affairs Senior Officer

Delphine Lachas

Procurement Senior Manager

Meret Lendenmann

Executive Office Assistant

Guillaume Molinard

Pharmacovigilance Senior Officer

Martinette Nel

Clinical QA & Portfolio, Senior Officer

Mark Ould

Accounting Manager

Astrid Pentz-Murr

Scientific Affairs Senior Manager

Damien Pereira

Accounting Assistant

Gabrielle Pierre

Digital Communications Officer

Daniela Pitstra

Clinical Trial Associate

Cristina Praz

External Relations Manager

Mary-Ann Richardson

Clinical Development Project Manager

Capucine Robert

Clinical Trial Associate

Teri Roberts

Public Health Senior Manager

Abhijit Roy

Regional Access Senior Manager

Alexandra Santu

Scientific Officer

Christelle Schaffer

Alliance & Project Senior Manager

Damien Somé

External Affairs Manager

Michelle Stewart

Business Support Senior Officer

Dianna Taylor

Clinical Scientist Senior Manager

Philomène Taylor

Accounting Manager

Alexandra Thenot

R&D Portfolio Officer

Raphaël Tissot

Finance Senior Officer

Kathelene Weiss

External Relations Senior Manager