STI & HIV World Congress 2023

Chicago, IL USA


New developments in the response to AMR STIs: surveillance efforts, new treatments and diagnostics and better strategies for LMICs

In response to the rise of STIs and antimicrobial resistance, experts around the world have doubled efforts to bring innovation in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of STIs. New advances in STI treatments and diagnostics still need to be implemented. This session will present some of the latest developments in the field, share experiences from LMICs and chart the way forward.


  • Setting up the scene, surveillance and EGASP summary – Teodora Wi, WHO
  • Imagine the world in 10-15 years if we did nothing today on NG-AMR – TBC
  • Challenges in implementing STI control programmes : key challenges including AMR and innovative solutions – Chido Dzivachikwari (Zimbabwe), Rossaphorn Kittiyaowamarn (Thailand) and Pamela Gaspar (Brazil)
  • Diagnostic development – Cecilia Ferreyra, FIND
  • Antibiotic development – Fernando Pascual, GARDP

Programme of the event