GARDP welcomes G7 support for its pivotal work to counter antimicrobial resistance

25 May 2022

The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) welcomes the recent declaration by the G7 health ministers, which commits to national and international efforts to tackle rising Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

The G7 ministers signaled strong support for GARDP’s pivotal work. They underlined “the importance of closing GARDP’s funding gap to advance GARDP’s 5 by 5 initiative to deliver five new treatments by 2025”.

The G7 Health Ministers Declaration also welcomed the antibiotics access initiative, SECURE, co-developed by GARDP and the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with other international bodies, to expand access to essential antibiotics. These will include new antibiotics to treat drug-resistant infections, but also existing antibiotics that are not widely available, or face frequent supply chain interruptions and shortages.

The statement said: We welcome the SECURE initiative’s pilot project to overcome critical access limitations to essential old and new antibiotics in low- and middle-income countries and to promote stewardship and improve their market situation alike.”

The declaration pledged to continue national and international efforts on AMR research and development for new treatments, vaccines and diagnostics.

GARDP greatly values the leadership and commitment from the G7 Health Ministers. The G7 has provided crucial investment and support towards GARDP’s work to accelerate the development and access to treatments for drug-resistant infections.

By acting now, together, and with urgency, the G7 is playing a key role in our mission to counter the silent pandemic of antibiotic resistance and provide urgently needed treatments for people around the world.

GARDP is grateful to Germany, which assumed presidency of the G7 in 2022, for its leading role in efforts to address antibiotic resistance and build on previous G7 presidencies, including the UK in 2021. Germany has been a strong supporter of GARDP since its creation, in its efforts to tackle drug resistance. We look forward to continued momentum to tackle AMR under Japan’s G7 presidency in 2023.


TheGlobal Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP)is a Swiss not-for-profit organization developing new treatments for drug-resistant infections that pose the greatest threat to health. GARDP was created in 2016 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Drugs for Neglected Diseasesinitiative(DNDi) and legally founded in 2018 to ensure that everyone who needs antibiotics receives effective and affordable treatment, no matter where they live. It aims to develop new treatments to fight drug-resistant infections, with a focus on sexually transmitted infections, sepsis in newborns and infections in hospitalized adults and children. GARDP is funded by the governments of Australia, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Canton of Geneva, as well as Médecins Sans Frontières and private foundations. GARDP is registered under the legal name GARDP

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