Putting public health needs at the centre of antibiotic drug development

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Over the past five years, through our partnership model, GARDP has successfully developed a comprehensive portfolio of antibiotic treatments and we are well on our way of reaching our goal of delivering five treatments by 2025 (with four treatments in our current portfolio). We are also pioneering new access models with our innovator, manufacturing and distribution partners.

Our unique not-for-profit antibiotic R&D model focuses on integrating R&D and access, negotiating public-private collaboration and licensing agreements, and working in partnership with all key stakeholders—including scientists, clinicians, industry, manufacturers, regulators, donors and civil society—to coordinate efforts in the antibiotic pipeline of drug development and access with the goal of addressing public health needs.

Our new five-year strategy outlines how GARDP is a global solution to AMR, working with partners to create a new global antibiotic pipeline that is driven by public health need rather than profit.