Activity Report 2018

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The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership have built on last year’s successes and made significant progress in addressing Gram-negative drug-resistant infections in children, newborns with sepsis, and sexually-transmitted infections. The work we have done this year includes conducting three clinical trials and preparing to launch our first phase III clinical trial for a potential new treatment for gonorrhoea. Our discovery and exploratory research, and memory recovery and asset evaluation programme, which has evaluated over 80 assets, gives us the flexibility to expand our current portfolio.

Looking forward to 2019, we are developing a new and ambitious business plan. With an established track record, we are a trusted partner bringing together the public and private sector to drive innovation and access to address public health priorities. As we continue to make good progress, we thank all of you who made it happen – our donors, our partners, and, of course, our team. We are delighted that all the commitments made at GARDP’s first pledging event have been realized. For this we are grateful and look forward to growing our collaboration and engagement in the years to come.

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