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Antibiotics transformed our world by making previously incurable illnesses treatable and allowing medical procedures to be performed safely. Millions of lives have been saved and our health radically improved as a result. This remarkable progress is threatened by the spread of antibiotic resistance. Already, 700,000 people die each year from drug-resistant infections. Without urgent action, this number is projected to increase exponentially.

The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARPD) is accelerating efforts to develop new and improved antibiotics for drug-resistant infections, for every person who needs them. This work can only be done together. Join a growing network of private sector, academic, civil society and government partners committed to developing treatments for drug-resistant infections.

We need partners at every step: research and development, manufacturing, market registration, supply chain and regulation design. We also need financial support from governments, foundations and the private sector to deliver this lifesaving work. Your support will allow us to discover antibacterial ingredients and perform clinical trials for new treatments. It will fund critical work to enable access to antibiotics for every person who needs them and to ensure treatments remain effective for as long as possible.

With your support we can develop treatments urgently needed to protect our health now, and the health of future generations. Reach out to discuss partnership opportunities and the role you can play:

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The response to drug-resistance is rapidly changing and new science and partnerships are having an impact. Stay informed about the opportunities and progress being made in the development of new treatments for drug-resistant infections.

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When you donate to GARDP, you are helping to develop lifesaving and life-changing treatments for drug-resistant infections. For every person who needs them. Wherever they live. Whether you make a one-off contribution or decide to give regularly, your support will be used to drive the development of treatments for the drug-resistant infections that pose the greatest threat to health, protecting our health now and for generations to come.