Anthony Coates

St George’s University, UK

Anthony Coates is the Professor of Medical Microbiology at St George’s, University of London. For 30 years he worked with Professor Dennis Mitchison, the world expert in combination chemotherapy of tuberculosis.  With Dr Yanmin Hu, he invented a new platform technology to create Antibiotic Resistance Breakers (ARBs) which can rescue existing non-pencillin antibiotics. In 2002, he founded the Antibiotic Biotech, Helperby Therapeutics plc, to develop ARB combinations, one of which is near market, one is Phase II, and two are Phase I/II ready.

He has been a partner in eight EC funded programs (IMI PredictTB is current). He has published over 150 papers and is a named inventor with Dr Hu in 19 patent families in the antimicrobial field. He founded the networks Antibiotic Discovery-UK, Antibiotic Discovery-Global, and co-founded BEAM and the world’s first antibiotic discovery charity called Antibiotic Research-UK.

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